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Month: June 2017

CS Blackbell Agency Host Industry Legend at Their Atlanta HQ

Sales and marketing experts CS Blackbell Agency recently held a very special meeting for their force of young professionals and invited one of the country’s top industry entrepreneurs to share his experiences, advice and motivation. 

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CS BlackBell Agency Brings Crew Together with NBA Finals

CS BlackBell Agency Brings Crew Together with NBA Finals

Atlanta’s thriving sales and marketing firm CS Blackbell Agency recently brought their workforce together by organising an NBA Finals party at their Headquarters. The triumph of the event led to the business further investigating the relationship between sport and business.

The 2017 NBA Finals was the conclusion of the top league of the National Basketball Association’s 2016-17 season.  The final saw the Western Conference champion and Eastern Conference champion come head to head, with the Golden State Warriors (Western Conference) beating the Cleveland Cavaliers (Eastern Conference) four games to one. Sales and marketing firm, CS Blackbell Agency, held a viewing party of the NBA’s most prestigious game at their newly renovated Atlanta headquarters.

The event brought together the agency’s workforce, inciting healthy competition between individuals, with supporters of both sides in attendance. CS Blackbell Agency believes it is good to regularly host extra-curricular activities in the workplace because they help to nurture working relationships outside of normal business activities. And it’s a chance for hard-working individuals to let their hair down and have some fun.

Since the event, the firm has been inspired to investigate the similarities between the skills people need to become successful in sport and business. It is widely recognised that playing sport improves an individual’s leadership skills plus the ability to work towards targets while coping with pressure are also important abilities to have in both sport and business. The correlation between sport and business highlights that to be successful in both, a person needs to be able to handle their emotions, overcome challenges and be mentally strong to deal with obstacles along the way.

CS Blackbell Agency is keen to build their workforce with people from a strong sporting background because of the qualities they can bring to the company. Teamwork and leadership skills, the ability to make quick and important decisions, ambitious and goal orientated individuals are all highly sought-after qualities that when applied to a business environment, will help a company improve leaps and bounds.




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