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Month: November 2017

CS Blackbell take a deeper look into the link between sports-minded individuals and their success in sales

The CS Blackbell Agency is a proponent that there is a considerable overlap between the sporting elite and business elite. From goal scoring to the pursuit of organisational goals, working with teammates or the need to perform at the highest level under intense pressure, the mindsets needed to compete at the highest levels in business and sports are extremely similar. Business analysts have consistently debated how transferable these skills are, and the CS Blackbell Agency strongly argues that its workforce, a large majority of which dabble in sports, prove the idea that success in business is closely linked to having a sports mindset.   

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The CS Blackbell Agency discuss how they intend to dominate the sales industry

The CS Blackbell Agency has always been set on dominating the sales industry and is going into the final months of 2017 with a renewed vigour to exceed business targets. The agency has still held the idea that having a strategy is the key to business but will also be pushing the concept that its workforce needs to become opportunists to re-define excellence in sales. The firm understands that utilizing new opportunities to make purchases is the key to improvement and has this week released its strategy for opening up its workforce to new possibilities.                  

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