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CS Blackbell take a deeper look into the link between sports-minded individuals and their success in sales

The CS Blackbell Agency is a proponent that there is a considerable overlap between the sporting elite and business elite. From goal scoring to the pursuit of organisational goals, working with teammates or the need to perform at the highest level under intense pressure, the mindsets needed to compete at the highest levels in business and sports are extremely similar. Business analysts have consistently debated how transferable these skills are, and the CS Blackbell Agency strongly argues that its workforce, a large majority of which dabble in sports, prove the idea that success in business is closely linked to having a sports mindset.   

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The CS Blackbell Agency discuss how they intend to dominate the sales industry

The CS Blackbell Agency has always been set on dominating the sales industry and is going into the final months of 2017 with a renewed vigour to exceed business targets. The agency has still held the idea that having a strategy is the key to business but will also be pushing the concept that its workforce needs to become opportunists to re-define excellence in sales. The firm understands that utilizing new opportunities to make purchases is the key to improvement and has this week released its strategy for opening up its workforce to new possibilities.                  

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CS BlackBell Prepare for managerial gathering in Chicago

CS BlackBell Prepare for managerial gathering in Chicago

Fresh from his regional promotion at last month’s industry award gala in NYC, CS BlackBell’s Managing Director is now preparing to travel to Chicago to discuss development strategy with one of their most exclusive clients.

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Antoine Bell of CS BlackBell Agency Shares Inspirational Message After Hitting a Personal Best

Antoine Bell of CS BlackBell Agency Shares Inspirational Message After Hitting a Personal Best

After gaining significant recognition within the sales and marketing industry, CEO of CS Blackbell Agency Antoine Bell has shared an inspirational message for aspiring industry entrepreneurs. 

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CS Blackbell Agency Travel Opportunities

CS Blackbell Agency Highlight the Crucial Role Travel Plays in Business Success

After returning from a luxury trip to New York City with their top performing professionals, sales and marketing firm CS Blackbell Agency has spoken about how travel is helping both them and their workforce reach incredible success.  

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CS BlackBell Agency Rocks Super Bowl LI with the Stars

Hoping to witness sports history for the Atlanta Falcons, the CS BlackBell Agency took some of its top talent to Las Vegas for SuperBowl LI Weekend!

The trip served as a reward for some of the top performers from the company, and in addition to seeing the glitz of the Vegas strip, the team saw many stars that were also in attendance for the big game. The Agency team members spent time rubbing elbows and enjoying the Las Vegas lifestyle with the likes of Jermaine Dupri, French Montana, and Travis Scott.

Although the weekend ended on a disappointing note for the Atlanta Falcons, giving up a historic lead and losing the game, the CS BlackBell Agency  team members were witness to one of the most memorable games in Super Bowl history.

Congratulations to the Atlanta Falcons on a great season  – and to the CS BlackBell Agency for another successful winter season!

CS BlackBell Agency Sets Growth Record with Upward Mobility

The CS BlackBell Agency, which has its company headquarters near the brand new Atlanta Falcons Stadium, set several goals in 2016 with the overall theme being “Redefine Excellence.”

CSB focused on the theme so much that they had made it their new motto in an effort to showcase their commitment to a new “Gold Standard.”

In just a few months after expanding to Atlanta, the new branch grew by over 1000%, outpacing all of its direct competitors.

When asked about the explosive growth experienced by the Atlanta office, recently promoted Assistant Manager Jon Murphy, who moved from London to be part of the journey, describes his experience as “exhilarating” when discussing his ascension into the Management Team in only 18 weeks.

Now The CS BlackBell Agency is looking to repeat this feat multiple times during the 2017 fiscal year.

Writing a story that has never been told…

las vegas

Travel Season for CS BlackBell Agency

The CS BlackBell Agency has started off 2017 with multiple travel opportunities for the team members at the Atlanta-based marketing firm. The company has already sent a group to Miami, FL and another one to New York, NY in just the first month of the year.

When asked about all of the recent traveling, Managing Director Antoine Bell commented that, “Traveling is the foundation to an open mind. We want to expose our team to as many different points of views as possible to always maintain a step ahead of the competition when it comes to planning and innovation.”

Last year, the CS BlackBell Agency visited points all across the US, Europe, Africa, and even Australia alongside one of its clients to gain the experience needed to continue to grow and thrive in the global economy.

The leading Atlanta-based marketing firm is poised for some massive growth this year. The Management Team at CS BlackBell Agency plans on opening an additional branch in the Metro area by end of the first quarter, with more travel opportunities to follow.

“The next stop for the team will be Las Vegas,” said MD Antoine Bell with a big smile. “We are going to reward some top performers and go watch the Atlanta Falcons win the Super Bowl!”


cs blackbell agency nyc yacht trip

The CS BlackBell Agency Takes Over NYC!

The CS BlackBell Agency took some of its top performing people to NYC for the weekend. On the menu – networking, yacht trip, Statue of Liberty sight seeing, Entrepreneurship Conference, visiting NYC facilities – nothing too fancy!

It gave team members an opportunity to mingle with people from all around the country, as well as some people who traveled all the way from London, England.

The weekend was a great success and everyone left with a lot of great memories and great new information. Can’t wait for the next trip!

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Fontainebleau Miami hotel

CS BlackBell Agency Continues Networking Spree

The CS BlackBell Agency has been flying all over the country and will continue to do so for a few major conferences coming up.  Earlier this month, top executives were invited to the world famous Fontainebleau Miami Hotel, which harbors the largest outdoor pool in the world! Great information, networking, and great times for the team.

nyc yachting

Next weekend, we will be sending Jon and Bianca whom both earned a yacht trip in New York City! The rest of the team is keeping the jealousy at bay. Nonetheless, upon their return The Agency will be c0-hosting a leadership and management training seminar for sales and marketing companies in the Southeast.  This will give everyone in attendance the opportunity to network and hear from guest speakers flying from all over the world.


In November, a select few managers will be traveling to Mexico to attend an industry retreat. This retreat is reserved for senior level management and will highlight accomplishments from this past year, while offering an opportunity for people to be in a more casual environment in an exotic location.

The CS BlackBell Agency is attacking this last quarter 100 mph and looking to learn and grown even quicker by any means necessary!

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