As firm believers in rewards-based learning, CS Blackbell Agency is always keen to provide new opportunities to their top performers.

The company has demonstrated this by offering performance-based competitions with some top prizes up for grabs. The scheme has already given tremendous results; the firm’s contractors are more eager than ever to contribute to the company’s cause, and clients are reaping the benefits.

CS Blackbell Agency has always been keen to provide new opportunities for their top performers. As firm believers in rewards-based learning, the company has been taking extra steps to bring out the best attitudes in their workforce. They demonstrate this by offering performance-based competitions with significant prizes up for grabs. Though the firm mainly focusses on providing self-development opportunities – i.e. by coaching and mentoring their contractors in optional workshops – they have found offering material prizes helps to create a distinct buzz around the firm. Unsurprising, given the high standards of the rewards.

Most recently, CS Blackbell Agency offered the chance for employees to go and see the Red Sox play at Fenway Park, Boston, who won against the Chicago Cubs. Not long before, hoping to witness sports history for the Atlanta Falcons, CS BlackBell Agency took some of its top talent to Las Vegas for the SuperBowl LI Weekend. To win, the firm hosted a performance-based competition to encourage increasing results. The winners were selected for demonstrating strong leadership skills and hitting multiple targets. Managing Director Antoine Bell says the key to winning is in the right mindset: “We’re looking to reward our most dedicated people. The right attitude is made with the right incentives!”

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