This week, sales and marketing firm, CS BlackBell Agency will be travelling to New York ahead of the invitation only awards gala, which is due to take place in Manhattan’s most exclusive waterfront venue, Pier Sixty.  

As an ambitious and innovative firm, Atlanta’s CS BlackBell Agency believes in the importance of associating with like-minded professionals that inspire and motivate. This Saturday, the company plans to use the upcoming annual Awards Gala in Manhattan as an opportunity to network with some of the best and brightest talents in the industry.

The black-tie event will celebrate the achievements of some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs in the sales and direct marketing industry and CS BlackBell Agency plan to use this gathering as an opportunity to gain further insight into upcoming market trends and learn from some of the most seasoned professionals in the industry.

CS BlackBell Agency will also be taking some of their most successful contractors to the awards ceremony in an attempt to give them a further understanding of the sales and marketing and reward their ongoing commitment and hard work.

The firm is a strong advocate of training and development and believes that by taking their best performers to the award gala, it will motivate them to achieve their goals and continue to develop their own professional growth.

CS BlackBell Agency continuously offers their contractors a wide range of business development opportunities and believe that by investing time in training young professionals and equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed, they will be able to maximise their chances of success.

The firm actively encourages their contractors to take full advantage of every opportunity presented to them and will be urging their workforce to network at the awards gala, which will gather some of the most revered figures in the sales and marketing industry.

A spokesperson for CS BlackBell Agency said: “We always get excited when we get invited to events like this as it not only gives you the opportunity to rub shoulders with the very best but also boosts morale and recognises the achievements of some of the industry’s most hard working professionals.”


Antoine Bell