Sales and marketing leaders CS BlackBell Agency has announced that they are getting ready to travel to Miami for a very special business event.  

Business travel is high on the agenda for sales and marketing specialists CS BlackBell Agency.  As the firm have just returned from New York on business, the company are looking forward to their next trip to Miami.  CS BlackBell Agency is a North Atlanta based sales and marketing agency, with a market reach spreading throughout the USA. The firm is setting a new standard for the sector, using innovative, face to face marketing strategies to improve customer communications and help brands achieve more consistent and fruitful ROI. Using in-person presentations and engaging interactive campaigns the firm is supporting brands in forging new, more personal connections with their target audiences. The company’s approach is leading to greater brand loyalty a stronger market presence and higher revenue streams for their wide range of clients.

The firm will be attending an invitation-only event; the business conference will see business leaders from across the globe meet and present an informative day-long session.  The industry specific event will be taking place in Miami, a great location to balance work and leisure time for attendees.  Information will be presented on topics surrounding business growth and maximising the potential of emerging talent.  This is an issue close to the owner’s heart at CS BlackBell Agency, confident that they can influence the firm’s employees and help them reach their potential.  The topics will be covered by industry specialists who have vast experience in supporting entrepreneurs in their endeavours.  The conference will serve as a fantastic networking opportunity for the delegates.  Numerous breakout sessions will allow contacts to be shared, and connections to be made.

CS BlackBell Agency will continue to add stamps to their passports throughout 2017, by offering additional enrichment to their employees they are helping them become better equipped to manage their schedules and workloads.  As employee skills develop, the firm will be able to create better opportunities and secure further clients through natural growth.  Networking opportunities if well used can create new openings for individuals looking to advance their connections to broaden prospects for both personal and business gain.  Attendees for the future business trip will be selected through in office competitions and achievements.  This provides additional focus and motivation for in-house teams.