Sales and marketing experts CS Blackbell Agency recently held a very special meeting for their force of young professionals and invited one of the country’s top industry entrepreneurs to share his experiences, advice and motivation. 

CS BlackBell Agency specialises in sales, promotions, and marketing. Their expertise creates unmatched results and returns on investment for clients. Where other vendors are not hitting sales targets, or they are not meeting standards in quality and etiquette, CS Blackbell Agency will execute and deliver promptly. The firm assists and drive numbers in the right direction regardless of the industry – the return on investment is guaranteed.

CS BlackBell Agency is always on the lookout for inspirational figures for their workforce to identify with and use as a positive example.  The firm held a meeting recently that was designed to inspire them to aim higher and embrace bigger professional goals.  With growth on the horizon, there will be opportunities for individuals to take on further responsibilities and showcase their leadership skills.  One asset the firm boasts is an extensive network of industry specialists.  On this occasion, CS BlackBell Agency called upon one of their contacts from one of Seattle’s leading sales and marketing firms.

The special guest shared his story on how he started out carrying out sales and marketing for a firm and developed a vast skill set that allowed him to venture out on his own.  The companies special guest outlined how his firm started out in NYC and expanded its reach into five further markets over three years.  Developing young entrepreneurs has always been part of the focus for the firm, by offering opportunities to develop personal skills and improve leadership qualities the firm can boost local economies and create a more competitive market.

CS Blackbell Agencies reported great feedback from the workshop.  Many of the company’s employees were so keen to find out more that they opted to stay back later after finish time to ensure they maximised on the opportunity to tap into the industry specialists experience and advice.  The firm is proud of their employee’s commitment to developing a greater understanding of how experts have evolved maximised their potential through hard work, grit and dedication to becoming the best.  The firm will continue their commitment to personal development ensuring that opportunities like these are frequently available.