After their success at the sales and marketing awards last week, CS BlackBell Agency has taken some time to reflect on their mission and lay out new goals to achieve. The firm has now shared a few of their favourite Ted Talks that cover the importance of setting goals and how effective goal setting leads to success.

Based in North Atlanta, CS BlackBell Agency is a firm with strong values and are committed to redefining excellence in the sales and marketing industry. Their ethos and determination to consistently deliver excellent customer service mean that the firm is continuously aiming to set out goals and objectives that will enable them to reach their full potential while cultivating the talents of the next generation of young professionals.

CS BlackBell Agency firmly believes in the importance of setting goals and recently released a statement, where they shared some of their favourite TedTalks that cover the subject. The firm believes that goal setting is a critical component to success and can help both budding and seasoned entrepreneurs alike.

Ari Wallach: Three ways to plan for the (very) long term – In this Ted Talk, Ari Wallach coins the term ‘short terminism’ and describes why only making short term goals can be detrimental to long term success. Instead, Wallach encourages individuals to take more time to think about their future on a long-term basis in order to build a better future for themselves.

Larry Smith: Why you will fail to have a great career – University of Waterloo’s economics professor Larry Smith discusses the importance of unwavering passion. Smith goes on to explain how having passion and determination prevents individuals from making excuses that can often prevent people from reaching their goals.

Derek Sivers: Keep your goals to yourself – In this Ted Talk, the writer and entrepreneur Derek Sivers suggests that in order to successfully achieve a goal, individuals must go against their instincts to share the details with others. Sivers explains that the action of uttering the goal to others and gaining their approval provides positive reinforcement to the brain, which in turn makes it believe that it has already been achieved.