Sales and Marketing Expert, the CS Blackbell Agency is a firm believer that its flexible business model accommodates to the differing aspirations of a wide range of individuals. The agency understands that people become involved with direct marketing and continue in the business for many different reasons and consequently understands that there are many definitions of success. The amount of effort put into marketing and selling, and the amount of income realized can vary greatly, depending upon an individual’s motivations for staying involved and present in their work.    

One of the key ways The CS Blackbell Agency hopes its contractors define success is by how much they have developed personally. While some people often look for statistics like how many sales they have made, the firm believes that those who judge their success by how much they have grown within the industry are more likely to succeed. If a contractor decides their success by whether they can now make more sales through a development of their communication skills, rather than by how much money they have made from these sales they are more likely to receive genuine satisfaction.  

This point is supported by a considerable amount of research that suggests genuine satisfaction cannot be linked to financial gain. The firm often looks to individuals like Richard Branson who judges his success by the happiness he can bring to other people. Or, Warren Buffett who argues that success should be judged by how many people love you, not by the money you have earned. With these motivations in mind, the CS Blackbell Agency believes that these successful entrepreneurs offer impressive alternative ways of defining success in business and hope its contractors see that money is not everything. 

The CS Blackbell Agency feel that it provides the necessary support to allow contractors to achieve the success they have defined for themselves. Through its business development programme, the agency provides an extensive training regime, business incentives like regional seminars and opportunities to travel around the world in hopes that they can tailor a new generation of young professionals who are keen to move from success to success.