The CS Blackbell Agency is a proponent that there is a considerable overlap between the sporting elite and business elite. From goal scoring to the pursuit of organisational goals, working with teammates or the need to perform at the highest level under intense pressure, the mindsets needed to compete at the highest levels in business and sports are extremely similar. Business analysts have consistently debated how transferable these skills are, and the CS Blackbell Agency strongly argues that its workforce, a large majority of which dabble in sports, prove the idea that success in business is closely linked to having a sports mindset.   

One of the key reasons The CS Blackbell Agency link success in sales to the sports-minded mentality is because sports people are often asked to perform under pressure in elite sports. The firm does not shy away from the fact that the sales industry is a highly competitive environment, with both internal and external competition. The agency is confident that its workforce responds well to the high pressure that is facilitated by internal competitions and believes this is because it gives them a drive they have been trained to enjoy via their sports-minded mentality.         

 The CS Blackbell Agency also believes that those with a sports-minded mentality understand that failure can be bred into success. Those who have previously played sports are used to failing and know how to structure their goals to overcome shortcomings. This often involves training and practising new techniques to make sure a crash doesn’t happen again, and The CS Blackbell Agency sees this process as essential during sales. The CS Blackbell Agency wants to hire those who understand that failure in the sales field can point out potential problems with sales technique and should prompt an individual to reconsider how they sell, the tone they use or even their body language.               

Moving into December, The CS Blackbell Agency is looking for more sports-minded individuals to bring into the business. The agency is confident that those who have this mindset are more likely to revel in the competitive, high-pressure environment of the sales industry and the company hopes it can continue to expand the business with these types of individuals.