Last month at the North America Sales Gala, CS BlackBell Agency’s Managing Director Antoine Bell received an impressive accolade and was named Regional Director. This  undertaking was the first of its kind in the industry as it saw Mr Bell become the first Black Regional Director in the U.S sales industry.

During his acceptance speech, Mr Bell shared the details of his entry into the world of sales and marketing and explained how he always aspired to be the Barack Obama of the industry. Mr Bell believes that his desire to make a mark in the sector and to become a role model for diversity enabled him to achieve his goal and create a culture of progression and development at CS BlackBell Agency.

Mr Bell went on to explain that despite never previously having a job before starting his career in sales and marketing, he always felt like he had an advantage. Mr Bell credited his parents for his confidence and determination, as even though they had forged successful careers for themselves, they taught him the value of hard work.

Mr Bell stated that for entrepreneurs to succeed, it is important that they have a close and supportive network of individuals who are determined to help them achieve their goals.

For a budding entrepreneur, a support system can significantly impact their likelihood of success and for Antoine Bell, providing a supportive network for his CS BlackBell workforce is one of his paramount goals as a business owner.

Research has shown that having a support system is proven to uncover a broad range of positive benefits, such as increased levels of well-being, reduced stress, depression and anxiety and better-coping skills.

As one of Atlanta’s leading sales, promotions and marketing firms, CS BlackBell Agency aims to provide a supportive and nurturing platform for their contractors and offer a comprehensive business development programme, which aims to instil the skills and experience needed to become a successful entrepreneur.

In addition to Mr Bell’s recent new accolade, CS BlackBell Agency has experienced huge success over the last 12 months, which has included numerous expansion plans and new client acquisitions.

Mr Bell is now hoping that his success and new role as Regional Director will inspire more people from diverse backgrounds to pursue a career in the sales and marketing industry. He stated “Our slogan at CS BlackBell Agency is redefining excellence and that is a phrase that is ingrained in everything we do. I think it is important to always push innovation and change in whatever you do and I have been lucky enough to be motivated by a number of inspirational figures. I am now proud to be in a position, where I can use my success to inspire and support people from the same background as myself, and I hope that my promotion as Regional Director will do that.”