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CS BlackBell Agency Sets Growth Record with Upward Mobility

The CS BlackBell Agency, which has its company headquarters near the brand new Atlanta Falcons Stadium, set several goals in 2016 with the overall theme being “Redefine Excellence.”

CSB focused on the theme so much that they had made it their new motto in an effort to showcase their commitment to a new “Gold Standard.”

In just a few months after expanding to Atlanta, the new branch grew by over 1000%, outpacing all of its direct competitors.

When asked about the explosive growth experienced by the Atlanta office, recently promoted Assistant Manager Jon Murphy, who moved from London to be part of the journey, describes his experience as “exhilarating” when discussing his ascension into the Management Team in only 18 weeks.

Now The CS BlackBell Agency is looking to repeat this feat multiple times during the 2017 fiscal year.

Writing a story that has never been told…

CS BlackBell Agency Promotes Assistant Manager

Congratulations to Jon Murphy on his official promotion this weekend to Assistant Manager. Welcome to the Executive Team!

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New York City Contest Winner

The CS BlackBell Agency recently held a contest to accompany company President, Antoine Bell, and select team members to New York City. Congratulations to Kristina Salazar for winning the contest and have fun in NYC this week!

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CS BlackBell Agency Attend Atlanta Hawks Game

Managing Director Antoine C. Bell and several top team members from CS BlackBell Agency in Atlanta, GA recently attended the Atlanta Hawks game.

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CS BlackBell Agency Travels to Miami

The CS BlackBell Agency recently traveled from Atlanta to Miami, FL to attend a Southeast Regional Leadership event hosted by our Florida offices.

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cs blackbell agency nyc yacht trip

The CS BlackBell Agency Takes Over NYC!

The CS BlackBell Agency took some of its top performing people to NYC for the weekend. On the menu – networking, yacht trip, Statue of Liberty sight seeing, Entrepreneurship Conference, visiting NYC facilities – nothing too fancy!

It gave team members an opportunity to mingle with people from all around the country, as well as some people who traveled all the way from London, England.

The weekend was a great success and everyone left with a lot of great memories and great new information. Can’t wait for the next trip!

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CS BlackBell Agency Attends Miami Conference

The team from CS BlackBell Agency went to Miami for a weekend of networking and R&R and stayed at the world-famous Fontainebleau Miami Hotel.

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cs blackbell agency suit shopping spree

CS BlackBell Agency Team Member Earns Suit Shopping Spree!

Due to his outstanding quality in Customer Service, Jon from CS BlackBell Agency earned a $400 suit shopping spree from one of our clients!

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Fontainebleau Miami hotel

CS BlackBell Agency Continues Networking Spree

The CS BlackBell Agency has been flying all over the country and will continue to do so for a few major conferences coming up.  Earlier this month, top executives were invited to the world famous Fontainebleau Miami Hotel, which harbors the largest outdoor pool in the world! Great information, networking, and great times for the team.

nyc yachting

Next weekend, we will be sending Jon and Bianca whom both earned a yacht trip in New York City! The rest of the team is keeping the jealousy at bay. Nonetheless, upon their return The Agency will be c0-hosting a leadership and management training seminar for sales and marketing companies in the Southeast.  This will give everyone in attendance the opportunity to network and hear from guest speakers flying from all over the world.


In November, a select few managers will be traveling to Mexico to attend an industry retreat. This retreat is reserved for senior level management and will highlight accomplishments from this past year, while offering an opportunity for people to be in a more casual environment in an exotic location.

The CS BlackBell Agency is attacking this last quarter 100 mph and looking to learn and grown even quicker by any means necessary!

blackbell agency reviews

The CS BlackBell Agency Reviews Company Success with Antoine Bell

the blackbell agency glassdoorThanks to the outstanding growth of the CS BlackBell Agency during this past year, Campaign Director Antoine Bell was lauded and recognized at this year’s Annual Industry Ceremony in Maryland for the company’s impact in the marketing, advertising, and promotions industries.

The BlackBell Agency staff recently sat down for an interview with Antoine Bell in order for him to share his experience and perspective on business and success.

TBBA: How many awards ceremonies have you attended?

AB: I had the opportunity to attend four conferences in total. The first one was last year at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia for the first USA Sales Awards. I attended two in the US as a contestant. I also attended three other ceremonies outside the US as a guest. The first was in Barcelona, Spain in December 2013 and then another two in London in January 2012 & 2013.

TBBA: How many awards did you win this year?

AB: I won four Major Awards this year. “Organizational Achievement Award,” “Outstanding Achievement Award,” “20/20 Club Award,” and one for the “President’s Club Award.”

TBBA: What is your favorite part of attending those events?

AB: My favorite part has to be networking! The opportunity to learn & share ideas with top entrepreneurs in my industry is incredible. I love being able to listen to guest speakers and stories of people who had very humble beginnings and are now examples and inspirations for success.

TBBA: Who gave the best speech this year according to you?

AB: Last year, Rick Pitino – former New York Knicks and Boston Celtics Head Coach and current head coach of the NCAA Champions at the University of Louisville. Rick made a huge impression on me. He promoted his new book “One Day Contract” and he related his sports and basketball experience to the sales and marketing industry. This year, international investor and entrepreneur J.C. Cobb had an incredibly motivating piece on how leaders attack problems.

the blackbell agency antoine bellCS BlackBell Agency’s Project Director Antoine Bell was honored to have been part of such a grandiose event with 2,000 people in attendance! He gave all the thanks and the praises to his staff and his partners.

Mr. Bell and the rest of The Agency in Atlanta is looking forward to expanding throughout the country, as far as California next year having more members of “The Agency” be recognized next year.

Stay Tuned!

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