After learning of a study which claims the longer a person is a part of a company, the less they trust them, The CS Blackbell Agency has shared how they are breaking the mould by driving progression and creating a culture of development and independent thinking.

The CS Blackbell Agency is a sales and marketing consultancy who utilise face to face marketing solutions to provide their clients with a guaranteed ROI. This usually involves conducts sales in an event space and marketing diverse client brands to range of customers, face to face. The firm believe this unique method is a far more effective way of obtaining new customers as modern society begins to reveal how they are tiring of other forms of advertising. CEO of The CS Blackbell Agency, Antoine Bell, believes their unique approach to sales and marketing is appreciated by their clients and is confident their business development programme will keep their contractors content within the company.

Antoine firmly contests the concept presented in the aforementioned study and does not believe the longer an individual is a part of a company the less they trust them. He has elaborated on his stance on the subject in a recent statement:

“My company cares just as much about the people in it, than the sales they make. We want our contractors to blossom and become strong business people, and our business development programme ensures this.”

The CS Blackbell Agency owner went on to reveal the structure of the company’s business development programme, outlining how they use a combination of one on one mentorship, group workshops and attendance at industry events to mould their contractors into the next generation of successful entrepreneurs.

Keen to emphasise the importance of travel within the industry, Antoine discussed how industry events in other areas or countries are essential for providing their young professionals with new perspectives on a variety of entrepreneurial topics.

On many occasions he has made it clear that the firm are always looking to fast track the success of it’s workforce and in doing so, are build a community of trust, high morale and confidence between the company and their contractors. Unlike other companies, where career progression can be at a standstill for years, Antoine is certain the unique career progression and business development structure on offer at The CS Blackbell Agency allows their brand representatives to feel valued and well looked.


About the firm

The CS Blackbell Agency are a specialized sales, promotions and marketing agency. Their expertise creates unmatched results and a guaranteed return on the investments from their clients. They promise that their direct sales technique will provide a better quality of customer to their clients, who have an increased trust within the brand.