The CS Blackbell Agency has always been set on dominating the sales industry and is going into the final months of 2017 with a renewed vigour to exceed business targets. The agency has still held the idea that having a strategy is the key to business but will also be pushing the concept that its workforce needs to become opportunists to re-define excellence in sales. The firm understands that utilizing new opportunities to make purchases is the key to improvement and has this week released its strategy for opening up its workforce to new possibilities.                  

Sales can be difficult if individuals move forward with the wrong mindset. The CS Blackbell Agency wants each of its recruits to understand that they need to stick their heads out and find opportunities in the field and overcome the fear they often face when approaching a potential new customer.   

The first step the firm is asking contractors to practice is accepting that fear is a part of sales. Individuals at every level of field sales understand that there is a slight barrier to overcome when approaching new customers. However, The CS Blackbell Agency want each of its young professionals to understand that the more they put themselves out there, the less they will fear this kind of interaction.    

Further to this, Antoine Bell, the agency’s CEO has reassured his workforce that using the adrenaline that accompanies the fear of customer acquisition can provide the energy needed to form a productive sales pitch. The firm wants people to envisage themselves as performers, and the field as their stage. In the same way, performers utilize the fear of performing to spur on a solid performance; sales representatives should utilize the adrenaline that comes with fear to overcome the fear of making the sale itself.   

While the firm believes that opportunism is key to dominating sales, it also wants its workforce to realize that they need to balance this with planning and strategy. Consequently, moving into December, The CS Blackbell Agency is working with contractors to establish the goals they need to reach so that they feel satisfied with their performance. Once they have these goals, the management will work with individuals to translate these into a workable timetable.      

With the perfect balance of opportunism and strategy, The CS Blackbell Agency is hopeful that it can dominate the sales industry and utilize the opportunities of the Christmas period in a structured manner.