As experts in customer experience, The CS BlackBell Agency thinks there is a reason why Starbucks in the U.S’s number one coffee house of choice. In a recent statement, the firm outlined what businesses can learn about customer service from the brand.  

Industry experts The CS BlackBell Agency deliver unique advertising, marketing, and promotions campaigns to increase the sales and customer base of each client they represent. The firm is a top performing partner for all the clients they work alongside, and with footprints in Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New York, Ohio and Texas, The CS BlackBell Agency can extend a market reach for their client, further than they could ever have expected.

As customer service specialists, The CS BlackBell Agency has developed personalized, in-person direct marketing and advertising strategies to propel their clients’ brand message above and beyond that of their nearest competitor.

The CS BlackBell Agency states that brands need to be looking at customers as individuals. Take the example of Starbucks; hardly anyone orders the same; for instance, a ‘tall, non-fat latte with caramel drizzle’ compare to a ‘triple, venti, soy, no foam latte’.  Starbucks has taken the approach that while their customers have similar needs (coffee), they do not all want the same. Starbucks has done well at showing the potential customer that they care about their order and the customer’s unique requirements.

‘Companies and brands can learn a lot from how Starbucks is personalising the customer experience’ said a spokesperson for The CS BlackBell Agency. ‘It is becoming increasingly important for brands to be listening to what consumers want and to be able to come up with a viable solution to see that individual need. Not only does it make the customer happy, but it also demonstrates that a brand is listening to their customer base and responding to their feedback, making the customer feel more valued’ added the spokesperson.

The CS BlackBell Agency are marketing experts that create and manage marketing campaigns for their national and international clients.  The company pride themselves on delivering results through a first-class customer buying experience. As industry leaders, The CS BlackBell Agency generates results that are unparalleled by industry competitors.



The CS BlackBell Agency

Antoine Bell