CS BlackBell Agency believes that tenacity is extremely important for young professionals looking to achieve their goals and succeed in the ever changing Sales and Marketing industry. Through a series of workshops revolving around this core belief, CS BlackBell Agency has been investigating the link between patience, an individual’s tenacity and ultimately their success in a professional environment.

The sales and marketing industry is an extremely dynamic and competitive territory, whereby situations don’t always pan out the way people expect. With this in mind young professionals need to stay focused and patient in order to adapt to their consistently changing circumstances. Whether dealing with difficult clients, conflicting schedules or poor communication it is clear that patience is truly a virtue and essential for success.

CS BlackBell Agency highlighted in their recent workshop that patience is not something that comes naturally but is a hard earned discipline that we must practice. Once someone has practiced this virtue they will then begin to reap the rewards. Building on this, CS BlackBell Agency highlighted three key ways in which Patience can positively help the modern marketer/salesman:

1) Smart Decision Making – By taking time with their decisions, the young professional can correctly analyse the situation at hand and make more informed decisions.

2) Tolerance – The dynamics of marketing and sales roles means situations and people don’t always act in the way one might expect. Patience when dealing with clients allows for one to assess situations and act in a more professional manner when problems arise.

3) Excellence – Patience develops into excellence. At the core of success is the ability of an individual to observe the hurdles in the way of themselves achieving their goals. Once someone can observe these hurdles they can begin to develop methods of overcoming them.

The MD of CS BlackBell Agency commented on the importance of their workshop. Stating that:

“Patience and success go hand in hand. It provides young professionals with better insight allowing them to effectively solve situations with ease. We want our all our contractors to see this and consider how practising this virtue can increase their potential to succeed”

CS BlackBell continues to lead the way with their workshops on young professional development and continue to demonstrate their commitment to the importance of tenacity and its relationship with success.